EV VAT registration when you go abroad


Imagine you have stared your business and your dream is to sell via the internet through out Europe. And it isn’t wishful thinking anymore and you can sell in all the 28 EU member states. Then you have to start thinking about EU VAT registration. Every country has its own VAT treshold and once you have exceed the maximum amout you have to register in the specific country. You have to apply for a local VAT registration. So you have to become VAT compliant to avoid al kind of penalties.  Penalties are different in each country so need to have a local VAT representative to handle al the paperwork and discussions with the governmental organisation.

Are you still interested to sell cross border? It is not to create fear, but you have to realize that you get extra costs once you have exceeded the treshold. You should calculate this in the costprice of your products. If you don’t it is effecting your margin. When you do business in several countries you need to have a fiscal representative in each country. To handle this it is consuming a lot of time and energy. So what do you think of a partner that can handle this for you in al the countries you are selling? Just one contact person that communicates in al the countries? You just have to speak English and explain what countries are needed. This partner in Europe RM Boulanger. They are located in the VAT Heart of Europe. All the experts are centralized and you just have to dail your local UK Phone number. Ofcourse you can also send email.

After receiving your email of request by Phone you will receive a quotation. In some of the cases you will be called to give you an explenation of the prices. They can be different in each country depending on the local costs. Even if you want to import from outside the EU you need and EORI number. RM Boulanger can help you with this too. To be sure just contact RM Boulanger, because when you are to late you still have pay the penalties. The services of RM Boulanger are much cheaper then the penaltie you will get by being late. When you want to start cooperating with RM Boulanger you have to realize that the paperwork at the governmental organizations also tak time. So don’t expect that when you call today that you will receive your VAT number or EORI number by the end of the day…

More information you will find at www.rmboulanger.co.uk (*)