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The foreign companies which want to establish their trade with the European countries need to register for the VAT services immediately. Different countries in Europe have their different regulations and obligations for the VAT and custom services. It is necessary for the foreign companies to appoint a local fiscal representative to complete their registrations with the tax authorities within the Europe.


Belgium is country having second largest port of Europe where maximum of international trade operations happen. Many of the foreign companies trade with the Belgium through this port. All the goods entered from this port need to have to register for the VAT through the resident fiscal representative. The custom clearance and declarations has to be done before the trading operations. A fiscal representative in Belgium acts on behalf of the company to comply with the VAT regulations. The fiscal representative is responsible for the acquisition of the VAT registration number to the company.


Appointing a local fiscal representative in Belgium is more beneficial for the company. By the appointment of the representative the foreign company does not need to have their office in Belgium. The complications while understanding the tax obligations of Belgium can be easily handled by the fiscal representative. The communication barriers can be neglected with the assistance of the local representative. The VAT registration and regular payment of the VAT returns handled by the local representative further help the company to regulate their cash flow with earned profits.


The specific regulations related to the import/exports of the goods through the Antwerp port and Brussels airport are managed by the local representative. The foreign company can save their time required for the tax registration with the help of tax representative.  It is better to appoint a local company as fiscal representative to handle all the trading operations in the Belgium.