Importance of fiscal representation in France


Importance of fiscal representation in France

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Fiscal representation in France is a huge part of the expansion strategy of every company doing business in the country. More often than not a fiscal representative is another company which is registered for VAT in the European Union and this company will do your tax filings and help you fulfill all your duties under VAT, customs and INTRASTAT

Fiscal representation in France ensures that your market entry is faster and you are able to meet trade compliances since your inception stage. You get popular among clients because a tax compliant country gets more time to focus on its core responsibilities. You get to defer VAT which means no tax to be paid immediately while importing and the tax can then be paid when filing a return.

The tax representative understands the law and will assist you in working in a way such that you make the best use of the provisions which grant a company any relief. A fiscal representative will help you take advantage of special schemes provided by countries. In certain cases, it becomes possible that traders from both EU and Non-EU countries work with each other on a VAT exempt basis and the fiscal representative will help you take the maximum benefit when such an option pops up. A fiscal representative assumes importance when nonresident businesses want to obtain a VAT number.

Utilization of the fiscal representative in France means you will never again have to worry about not registering at the right time. Earlier you might have been worried about the penalties and interest because of not registering on time or penalties and interests because of various other reasons but never again.

Why a fiscal representative is a must even if you are good at tax is because you might not know the language in which the laws are written and fiscal representatives who know the local language would be helpful.