VAT registration Switzerland easy with RM Boulanger UK

When you are selling your products through the EU you also want to sell in Switserland. This is means that you have to apply for VAT REGISTRATION SWITZERLAND. With this VAT number you are allowed to import products to Switserland and also to handle the cost for importing into Switserland. If you don’t than your customers have to pay the duties. When selling you want to be as transparant as possible to avoid unpleasant surprises for your customers.

It is al easy said, but not easily done. So it is smart to outsource the application for the VAT number and when you trade to Switserland to outsource the administrational handling. But who can do this for you in al the European countries too? There is one independent organisation in Europe with a local Phone number where you can communicate your dedicated contact person for all the different countries.

The company that fits in this profile is RM Boulanger. So you can read what RMB can do for you on the website Instead of searching for a business consultant in each country you can now do one stop shopping. How efficiënt is that? You call your contact person and explain what new country you want to councor and he or she will arrange al the needed paperwork. You only have to sign. RM Boulanger is the oldest independent VAT consultancy companies in Europe. They are not connect any of the big accounting companies. The fees are also less expensive than your accounting company.

In the UK RM Boulanger has a local Phone number so you can call cheap and speak with your contact person inside the RM Boulanger organisation. RM Boulanger is represenated in al the 28 EU Member States, Switzerland and Norway. The person you communicate with will use ‘normal’ words to explain to you what is needed and required to have a smothly process. After the Application procedure you can decide either you do the paperwork yourself or you outsource this. Outsourcing means that also gets monitored when to bring in what paperwork to avoid al kinds of penalties. As a company you don’t want to get on the blacklist. You want to build your business and not be disturbed with al kind of administrational, time consuming activities which don’t bring you any kind of money. The regulations in each country is just a bit different so there for it is comfortable to have a specialist at hand.

Because RM Boulanger UK can offer you the one stop shopping concept, RMB can also help you with:
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